11:42 a.m.

This morning, I decided to try talking to Michael Dawson, while he was still tied up inside one of the huts, which was basically his prison cell. It doesn't seem fair to treat this man like a prisoner when he hasn't done anything wrong, but apparently the people in charge here are more concerned about our safety than an outsider's rights. The main reason I wanted to talk to Mr. Dawson was to ask him about Vicki, after having found out that she's been living among his people for almost two months. Unfortunately, Dawson basically viewed me as one of those evil thugs that kidnapped his son, so I got nothing but verbal hostility from him. Only then did I realize that it was a pretty stupid idea to try to ask him about my ex-fiancee, when he's being held prisoner by us and hasn't been allowed to see his son. Beatrice came in, after hearing Dawson yelling and cussing at me, and she told me I needed to leave, so I did.

After that, Danny found me and said he's ready to bring the team back to Hydra Island to continue working on the runway, and he thinks it'll be more convenient to stay there for the next few nights, so I packed up my stuff, and we're about to head over there in a few minutes. I'm actually looking forward to staying on Hydra Island. It may not exactly be home, but at least there are real beds with mattresses there. Plus I know that Diane has been working there, so maybe I'll get to see her again.

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