2:15 p.m.

Well, I just now finished reading the last of the Oceanic survivor files! I actually got kind of engrossed in this last one, just knowing that he was the last. I mean, there isn't really anything special about this guy, other than the fact that his file just happened to be at the bottom of the stack, but somehow I was just amused by the concept that this guy was picked last, so I ended up reading more details in his file than I really needed to. The guy's name is Bill Tan, and he's a software engineer from Tustin, California -- coincidentally the same town that John Locke is from, but they don't seem to have any other connection besides that. He's 31, single, no kids. In fact, the file says that he's never even had a girlfriend and hasn't gone on a date in four years, according to some internet postings. Based on that, I might suspect that he's gay, except that the personality analysis suggests that he's most likely not gay. So basically, he's just a loser in the dating department. The other thing I thought was weird was that he's apparently been a regular church-attender since high school, all the way up until April of this year, and he suddenly stopped going to church, and the file doesn't say why. Considering I haven't been to church since those few times in high school (not counting weddings), I don't know whether to congratulate or feel sorry for this guy for abandoning his religion.

Anyway, the fact is, I really don't need to be worrying about any of this, because just the fact that his file was at the bottom of the stack means that he's the least likely Oceanic survivor that we'd ever encounter. So I'd better take this file back to Ms. Klugh (assuming she's not busy interrogating Mr. Dawson again) and let her know that I'm done reading all the files.

3:16 p.m.

When I returned the last file to Bea and told her I was done with all the files, she said that Ben wanted to speak to me in private after I was done. Something about one more file that would be of special interest to me. Right now, Ben is in a meeting with his staff inside one of the huts, so he said he'll come find me later. It sounded like they were having a heated debate when I poked my head in the door, something about whether it's safe for Ben to go trekking across the Island by himself. I wonder what he's planning to do. But right now I'm way more curious to know what this extra file is and why it's of special interest to me!

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