6:08 p.m.

Michael Dawson is now being held captive inside one of the huts. Tom brought him here earlier in the day, and Bea spent some time asking him about Walt. Not surprisingly, Dawson was very resistant. I don't know how Ben expects to get anything useful out of him without actually giving him his son back, but supposedly Ben knows what he's doing.

In the meantime, the rest of us are just camping out at this little makeshift village that we built. It almost reminds me of the days when I first crashed on this island and was barely surviving on the beach, only now we have slightly better shelter. Also, Bea brought over all of the files on the Oceanic survivors so that we can continue reading them. I've finished reading all of the P1 and P2 files, so now I just have the P3 files. They're going by fairly quickly, since there's not very much on them; they're basically just ordinary people who lived boring lives before coming here and are probably continuing to do so on the Island.

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