2:04 p.m.

Ben is having a bunch of us move into temporary housing once again. This time, we're having to build our own huts out of crude materials, next to some cliffs on a rocky beach. It's basically going to serve as a facade when Tom's group brings Michael Dawson here. Since we don't know yet what will ultimately become of Dawson, Ben says we can't risk him learning where we actually live. So right now, Tom is stalling while we build our fake village, and he plans to bring Dawson here tomorrow to be questioned about his son. And we're all wearing our Temple clothing in order to look more authentic.

A few of the huts have already been built. Despite the crude materials, they look really well-constructed. Some of the older people have apparently built these things before and will show the rest of us how to build them. I'm not sure how it's going to be to live in them, though. The Temple seemed like a five-star hotel compared to this!

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