11:04 a.m.

Apparently while we were all hanging out at the Temple, Ben's people on the mainland finished compiling the files on all of the Oceanic crash survivors on the Island and delivered those files to us via air-drop. Ben wants all of us to study the basic profiles of every survivor over the course of the next week, just so that we'll know what types of people we'd be dealing with if we happen to encounter them. There are only three hard copies on each survivor, so Ms. Klugh has worked out a system where each of us basically checks out a file to read and then returns it for the next person. Also, the files are marked by priority according to the likeliness that we'd actually encounter each survivor based on their personality and background, and Ben is asking us to look at the files of those that we'd most likely encounter first. I gotta say, these people sure are thorough! But apparently it's all to ensure the protection of the Island against all those who weren't on Jacob's list. (I'm finally getting the hang of how things work around here.)

Anyway, it looks like I'll have more than enough reading material for the week. I went ahead and checked out my first file from Ms. Klugh. Apparently John Locke, Claire Littleton and Jack Shephard are the most popular survivors, since all copies of their files were checked out already. So I just picked the next one available, a woman named Katherine Austen. I see from the first page that she's got some kind of criminal record. This should be interesting.

4:08 p.m.

I just ran into Cindy the flight attendant outisde by the gazebo! She had just come back from the Temple, after finding that most people there had already left to come back here. She remembered me from the crash and was glad that I've been doing well over the past month adjusting to my new life in this community. She explained that she saw the black smoke signal four days ago, but couldn't get away from the camp without getting caught, due to Ana Lucia's 24-hour vigilence. It didn't help that they were joined by three more Oceanic survivors from the other side of the Island the next morning. So basically she didn't get a chance to slip away from the group until today, when they were all focused on helping an unconscious injured man up a hill.

Anyway, Cindy has already spoken to Ben, and she's looking forward to getting settled back into this community. She was actually on her way to go see Zack and Emma when I ran into her. I bet they'll be glad to see her.

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