9:23 a.m.

Ben just gathered together a group of us who originally came from the Oceanic crash -- myself, Eli, Nancy, Peter, Eric, Joel, and those two kids Zack and Emma -- to go on a special mission today. Ben explained to us that he has several people working for us off the Island, mostly undercover in the real world, and one of them was actually an Oceanic Airlines flight attendant on our plane named Cindy. I remember her; she was with us at the beach camp after we crashed. (Ben's just now telling us this?!) Ben found out after the crash that Cindy had been on that plane, but decided to have her stay undercover amongst the survivors for a bit longer, just to watch over them. But what concerns Ben now is that Cindy never reported to the Temple like she was supposed to when the black smoke signal was lit, and there's been no word from Ben's other undercover person for several days (he didn't say who that was), so he's sending us to go search for those survivors, in hopes of finding Cindy. His thinking is that they'll be less hostile towards us if they recognize us from the crash and realize that we're all okay, especially the kids. Our group will be led by Ryan Pryce, the head of security. Oddly enough, I'm looking forward to this mission. Not because I enjoy trekking through the jungle on a search mission, but because I've been bored out of my mind at the Temple these last few days and am pretty much up for anything at this point.

The only thing I'm not looking forward to is facing Ana Lucia again. I've already warned Ryan about her extremely aggressive paranoid defensiveness, but Ryan seems confident that he can handle that. I hope so. The last thing I need is for Ana Lucia to mistake me for one of "them"... which, I guess, technically I am now. Heh... that's kind of a weird thought.

8:42 p.m.

Our mission was pretty much not successful. We spent the whole day hiking across the jungle until we reached our old beach camp, only to find that the remaining survivors had long since abandoned it. We tried searching the nearby vicinity to try to figure out which way they might've gone, but there was no sign of their trail. The only odd thing we found was a huge man-made hole dug in the ground, with a crudely-constructed lid on top. It looked like it could've been a bear trap or something. We can only guess that the Oceanic survivors were the ones who dug it. It did certainly look like it could've been Ana Lucia's handy-work.

Anyway, after searching the area for a bit, Ryan decided there was nothing more we could do, so we walked back to the village, where most of the other people had already returned from the Temple. I'm pretty exhausted now. That's probably the most walking I've ever done in my life! At least now I can finally take off this stupid Temple-garb and get back into my normal clothes. Hopefully life in general will be returning to normal soon.

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