11:15 a.m.

I finally ended up asking Diane about this whole kidnapping business; there was way too much going on yesterday for me to really talk with anyone. I asked her if she's ever seen these people kidnap anyone by force like they were talking about doing with that ten-year-old boy, and she laughed for a second, and when I asked her what was funny, she gave me a weird look. I'm not sure what to make of it. It's almost as though she was surprised I didn't know something. But our conversation got cut short at that point when Juliet came and asked Diane to go with her to Hydra Island... something about the boy being brought to "Room 23", whatever that is. Apparently Jim has also been called over there. I'm guessing Aldo has, too, since I can't seem to find him anywhere on the Temple grounds. I'm not sure if I should approach Danny about this... or Harper, or anyone else in authority.

4:16 p.m.

I just got to witness the Temple pool's healing powers first-hand! I was just hanging out in the pool room because I was bored, and Colleen brought that little boy Zack in after he'd accidentally scraped his knee while playing. Dogen took Zack and dipped his leg in the water for a few seconds, and when he brought his leg back out, his knee looked completely healed! I've never seen anything like that! I tried to ask Dogen how it works, but his interpreter told me that we're not supposed to understand how it works, just that it does. What the heck?! I thought some of these people were scientists! Whatever.

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