10:04 a.m.

The entire village is about to head into the jungle to some place called The Temple. I know there was a section in the Orientation Guide about the Temple that I didn't get around to reading, but I guess now I'm about to see for myself what the Temple is. I was just about to head over to Hydra Island with Danny and the rest of his team this morning, when we saw a pillar of black smoke rising into the air from somewhere on the Island. I thought at first that there was an oil refinery or something on the Island, but Danny said it's a signal to everyone that we're supposed to drop what we're doing and go gather at the Temple. Nobody seems to know why yet. I asked Danny if this is what the "Black Smoke" in the Orientation Guide was referring to, but he said that's a different black smoke. Anyway, we're about to head over there, with Richard Alpert (the Latin teacher) leading us, and Ben will join us soon, after everyone else in the village has left. I have no idea what to expect!

8:08 p.m.

Wow... what a day. It looks like we'll be spending a few nights here at the Temple. I wish I'd known that ahead of time so that I could've packed some extra clothes, but apparently the clothes that they're providing us are more appropriate Temple-wear anyway. These clothes that we're wearing now look really old and drab, and most of them aren't even my size, but these people insist that the clothes are clean.

The Temple itself is weird. It looks like an ancient building that could've been built over a thousand years ago... or like something out of an Indiana Jones movie. It's run by a Japanese man named Dogen who doesn't speak English and uses an interpreter who looks like a hippie. There's a large pool inside that supposedly has some kind of healing powers. Apparently this Temple is one of those Island secrets that we're supposed to protect.

What's more disturbing, though, is the reason why Ben summoned all of us to the Temple. Once we all gathered in the courtyard, he announced that the Oceanic survivors have built a second raft (after the kid burned down the first one) and were preparing to launch it as he was speaking, and that the ten-year-old boy was one of the four people who would be leaving the Island on the raft. And according to Jacob's policy, we're supposed to bring children into our society whenever we can. Ben had expected that they would have more time to initiate contact with the boy to indoctrinate him in an orderly fashion, but the survivors finished the raft a lot faster than anyone expected. So in a nutshell, this means that we need to go chase down the raft and take the boy by force. In other words, kidnap him! And the reason why Ben brought us to the Temple, which was actually Richard's idea, was to remind us of who we are and what our purpose on the Island is, which is apparently something that's easy to forget when we're constantly living modern civilized lives in the village.

So anyway, right now, that one older guy on Ben's leadership staff (I think his name is Tom) is taking a small team on a boat to go intercept the raft and take the boy. I can't imagine some kind of fight won't ensue, especially if the boy's father is with them. Won't the father come looking for his son? Ben never mentioned what he plans to do about that. I'm surprised nobody even asked. Maybe this kind of thing has happened before? I'm not sure how I feel about that!

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