3:23 p.m.

I had my weekly session with Harper just now. This was actually my last mandatory new resident's session with her; further sessions after this point are optional. We talked about my reactions to the Orientation Guide, particularly my mixed feelings about this whole Jacob thing. Harper said it's completely normal to have these conflicting feelings, where the logical part of me wants to question the orders of a man that most of us have never seen, while my inner gut tells me that Jacob is a trustworthy person and that I was meant to help him protect the Island. On a practical level, it all comes down to issues of faith and obedience. While I'm not required to blindly believe what I'm told about Jacob, I'm still expected to follow the rules as a member of this community or else face consequences for breaking them. Harper assured me that Jacob does have our best interests at heart, and that this system has worked for this community for more than half a century. I also brought up the question of whether I ever really had a choice about joining the community or leaving the Island, and Harper said it depends on how I define "choice". This part really confused me, but the way I understand it, from my point of view, I did indeed "choose" to stay, but I was always "destined" to remain on the Island, so from a broader perspective, I was always going to make the choice that I did. Okay, that made absolutely no sense. Eh... whatever.

Also, I'm getting a little annoyed that Harper keeps bringing up Vicki in every session. I keep insisting every time that I'm completely over Vicki, that I've hardly thought about her at all since joining this community, and that I don't care one bit what she and everyone else back home thinks of how we handled the breakup. Apparently Harper just wants to make sure I'm making progress in "letting go" of Vicki. Yeah, I'm quite certain I let go a long time ago!

5:42 p.m.

Ben just sent out an interesting memo to everyone. (These people really need an internal e-mail system!) It said that the man who's running the communications station (called the Flame) picked up a radio transmission today that was allegedly between two Oceanic Flight 815 survivors on the Island! Based on what was heard in the very brief communication, Ben's assumption is that the two people talking were likely from the two known sections of the plane crash that don't know of each other's existence. So one of them was probably from the group that I originally crashed with! I wonder who it was, and how did they get a radio?! Anyway, because of this discovery, Ben is ordering all of our people to go into radio silence and not use our walkie-talkies, until further notice, in order to avoid alerting the Oceanic survivors to our presence. I guess that's all part of the whole protecting-the-Island thing.

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