9:16 p.m.

Danny and his wife Colleen invited me over for dinner tonight. Colleen seems really nice and is an excellent cook. Danny's been impressed with the work I've done with the runway designs and is excited to put together a team of workers to begin construction on Hydra Island as soon as possible. During dinner, we talked a bit about my feelings about joining the community, particularly after having read most of the Orientation Guide. They admit that most of it seemed really strange to them when they first came here, but that it felt great to have a sense of purpose once they fully embraced this way of life on the Island, and they haven't regretted it since. In fact, the two of them met and got married on the Island. I guess it's kinda comforting to hear all of that coming from a couple of normal people.

I asked Danny and Colleen if they ever leave the Island temporarily to visit family, and they said they've each only done it once, but not since they got married. From what I remember reading in the Orientation Guide, you need to live on the Island for two years before you're allowed special supervised trips off the Island aboard the submarine. I guess it's a good thing that I don't really have anything back in the real world that I need to see anytime soon, but then, that's pretty much why I chose to stay.

Oh, and I totally forgot it was Halloween until those two kids, Zack and Emma, rang the doorbell and were wearing costumes and said "trick-or-treat!" Zack was dressed as Batman, and Emma was... I don't know, some kind of Disney princess, I think. Colleen gave them some Apollo Bars. She was really excited to be passing out candy to those kids, because it's the first time in years that she's gotten to do so -- basically ever since Ben's daughter and another boy about her age became too old to trick-or-treat. In fact, it was apparently their hand-me-down costumes that Zack and Emma were wearing!

Anyway, after getting a taste of domestic life on the Island, I'm feeling a little more at ease about living here than I did the other night when I first started reading the Orientation Guide. But then, I still need to finish the rest of it.

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