2:08 p.m.

I finally got to talk to Diane about what she's been up to on the other side of the Island. She just got back about an hour ago and was getting some food, so I asked her how the mission went. She said she wasn't used to spy missions, but she found it very interesting. Apparently the survivors from that section of the plane crash are actually living in two separate locations. Some are living in some caves in the jungle where they're taking advantage of the fresh water supply, while the rest have built makeshift tents among the trees by the beach. But the most fascinating thing that Diane observed was that the survivors on the beach were building what appeared to be a very large raft, out of bamboo logs and various supplies from the plane wreckage! Now that's something I could never picture the people back at my old beach camp doing, especially with Ana Lucia running things! Except the whole raft was burned down the other night when a ten-year-old boy secretly set it on fire. Diane said that the funny part was that none of the survivors ever figured out that the kid did it, and they were all blaming each other for it. But then Diane went on to say that Ben will definitely be excited to hear that the kid apparently doesn't want to leave the Island. I asked why that would excite Ben, and Diane said, "Didn't you read the Orientation Guide?" Okay, so that's three people now who have separately told me that I need to read that dang Orientation Guide, so I guess I really do need to read it! But anyway, Diane didn't sense that those people are the violent savages that she half expected to see, but the fact remains that they killed Ethan without bothering to ask questions. So in order to continue safely observing those people, the team installed some hidden cameras in the trees around their camp while they were sleeping.

This makes me realize just how lucky I am that I sat in the part of the plane that crashed near this village, because if I sat more toward the middle, I'd probably be one of those people that Diane was spying on! And to think that I originally complained about my seat being in the very back!

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