12:23 p.m.

I just received a somewhat disturbing typewritten memo that Ben sent out to everyone. Apparently, Ethan Rom, the doctor who was watching over the pregnant girl at the Staff and was also working undercover at the Oceanic survivors' camp, has been shot to death by the survivors! When he failed to report back to the Staff yesterday, Ben sent a team to go check on him, and they observed from a distance that the survivors were carrying Ethan's body with several gunshot wounds back to their beach! I can only guess that they figured out that Ethan wasn't one of them and viewed him as a threat. I still don't really understand why we couldn't just initiate friendly contact with those survivors, rather than let them survive on their own and go all "Lord of the Flies" on us. Eli says it's sort of explained in the Island Resident Orientation Guide that I still haven't gotten around to reading, so maybe I'll read it tonight or tomorrow. But it's pretty scary that we now have a group of over 40 plane crash survivors on this island who are probably getting desperate for food and apparently have guns and are willing to shoot without asking questions! Ben mentioned in his memo that he's got people back on the mainland working on creating detailed files of each of the survivors, so that we can be aware of what type of people we'd be dealing with if we ever have to engage them. The files should be available to us in the next couple of weeks. This should be pretty interesting.

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