10:15 a.m.

Okay, this island isn't quite as deserted as we'd thought. There are other people living on this island, and apparently they're not friendly, because they came into our camp in the middle of the night and took three of our people! And the only reason we know this is because the African guy killed two of them while they tried to take him as well, and we realized that these two men were not amongst the plane crash survivors yesterday. In fact, they had no wallets, keys, cell phones, or any other means of identifying them. Nobody saw where the rest of them went or how many there were. In fact, we didn't even realize three of our people were missing until this morning. So now we're all pretty freaked out, wondering who the heck these people are and what they want with us.

To top it all off, while we were trying to figure out what to do, the flight attendant (the only one who survived the crash) told us that the rescue parties wouldn't know where to look for us because our plane was flying off-course for two hours with no communication before we crashed! That's just great. So we need to keep the signal fire burning and stay put if we hope to be rescued, but then that just leaves us vulnerable to more attacks. I guess we just need to figure out ways to defend ourselves, if we can.

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