3:42 p.m.

I just had my second weekly session with Harper, in which we discussed my thoughts about staying on the Island versus leaving on the sub this week. She asked me what I thought some of the pros and cons were of staying, and she seemed at least satisfied that my desires for staying aren't for the wrong reasons, i.e. not to escape my life back in the real world or because of some girl I'm interested on the Island. We talked about how things have gone this past week working with Danny to design the runway and what I think of the way Ben runs the community. I expressed my concerns over some of the secrets that I've run across, like the Oceanic survivors on the other side of the Island, the man who was supposedly healed of a spinal cord injury, and the pregnant girl who's giving up her baby for these people's research (which I think Jim said was supposed to happen today). Harper explained that Ben has very good reasons for not talking about these types of issues with outsiders, and she assured me that once I commit myself to this Island, if I decide to do so, I'll be more in the loop about these things. I also asked her if there's anything about this Island that causes wounds to heal a lot faster than normal, and she said there actually is, and that if I stay, I'll gradually start to learn more things about the Island that make it "special". By the end of the session, I pretty much made up my mind and told Harper that I'd like to stay and become a permanent resident of the Island, and she said she'd submit her official recommendation to Ben's leadership team. I should get an official response by the end of tomorrow, but Harper said that unless anything glaring comes up, there's no reason I should be rejected. So I guess I'm here to stay!

10:04 p.m.

I just went to the kitchen to grab a late-night snack, and Jim walked in and went straight for the fridge and grabbed a beer. He told me about the craziness that happened at the Staff tonight. Just as the team was getting ready to deliver the pregnant girl's baby, they discovered that she was missing! They're not sure if somebody came and took her, or if she suddenly had second thoughts and ran away. Jim and everyone else went searching for her in the jungle, just as it was getting dark, and they actually heard the girl calling out, but then they somehow lost all trace of her and had to call off the search. It's really strange, because they say that the girl was completely cooperative and willing to go through with the procedure as of this afternoon. Now they're worried about both her and the baby, because she's started to show signs of the same problem that's affected other pregnant women on this island, which is why they had decided to do a C-section two weeks before her due date. Their only guess is that she might've gone back to rejoin the other Oceanic survivors at their camp, so the doctor that was watching over her, who also happened to be the undercover operative at the survivors' camp, will most likely go there tomorrow to try to get her back. That seems like it could be tricky, though. Wouldn't those survivors have noticed that two of their people were missing for almost two weeks?! Anyway, if the medical concerns that Jim mentioned are true, then I do hope that they're able to get the girl back and deliver the baby before something bad happens to them.

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