8:16 p.m.

Jim just told me that he's going to be spending the next couple of nights at the Staff station, because the doctors there are planning to deliver the pregnant woman's baby by C-section on Monday, and they need Jim and his teammates to run a bunch of tests before, during and after the operation. Apparently the timing of the delivery is crucial, so Jim and his collegues need to work overtime the next couple days to get all the lab equipment prepared in time. They're otherwise pretty excited about it, because this will be the first successful birth on this island in 16 years! Not only that, but the mother has agreed to turn her baby over to these people to be adopted once it's born. I still don't really understand why we can't just bring the mother into this village along with her baby, but it's apparently just one of those strange aspects of the way things work in this community.

Oh, and I asked Jim if he's seen a dark-haired teenage girl at the Staff lately, and he did recall seeing a teenage girl in the hallway on his way out today, and she kinda seemed like she was sneaking around, as though she wasn't supposed to be there, but Jim didn't think anything of it at the time. I wonder if that girl found what she was looking for.

10:23 p.m.

Woah! I just took the bandage off my hand, and there's hardly any more sign of the nasty cut that I got just three days ago! I did notice that it was healing well the last two times I changed my bandage, but I only now realized just how incredibly fast it healed for an injury as bad as it was. I mentioned it to Eli, and he said he also experienced an unusually fast healing of a wound. He accidentally cut his arm on a thorn in the jungle yesterday, and it completely healed in less than a day! Could there be something unusual about this island that causes wounds to heal faster than normal? Maybe this is one of those "special" things about the Island that Ben was talking about!

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