5:15 p.m.

I was walking home just now, when this dark-haired teenage girl came up to me and said she heard Aldo talking to me about the Oceanic survivors yesterday and wanted to know what he told me. Since I didn't want to get Aldo into any more trouble, I just told her that Aldo didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know, and that I already knew about the pregnant girl at the Staff station. Judging by this girl's surprised reaction, I think I may have told her something she wasn't supposed to know. She asked me if I knew if a boy named Karl has been working there, and since I didn't know who Karl was, I said I didn't know. Then she went into some rant about how her boyfriend won't tell her where he's been all day and is too scared to talk about what he does, etc. So just to end the conversation, I suggested that she should talk to Juliet if she really wants to know what's going on at the Staff, since I know that Juliet's been working there. The girl got excited, thanked me, and then walked away as quickly as she approached me. I just hope I didn't cause any trouble by telling her something that I shouldn't have.

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