3:16 p.m.

I just came back from my mandatory session with the local counselor, a woman named Harper Stanhope. Ben had said it was just standard procedure for newcomers to have weekly one-on-one meetings with Harper to assess their adjustment to life on the Island, or in my case, to help me decide whether to stay when the sub leaves next week. We mainly talked about what I think of this community so far, and what my life was like in the real world... or, more specifically, what kind of life I'd expect to live if I went back there. Somehow I ended up revealing that I was engaged and that Vicki called off the wedding just a few weeks before our wedding date, and that I wasn't looking forward to having to start over as a bachelor. For some reason, I also ended up mentioning that it would be awkward having to face my former friends who more or less decided to side with Vicki -- something I hadn't really thought about since I landed in Australia. In any case, I pretty much felt even more compelled to stay on this Island by the end of that session.

One other thing I mentioned to Harper was that I've started to get bored over the last few days, since there isn't really much for me to do around here, but she said I'd be put to work almost right away, as soon as Ben decides where he wants me. I asked Harper what "the staff" was and whether I could work there, and she explained that it's a medical station, and that only authorized personnel are allowed there, which wouldn't include me, since I don't have any medical training. And somehow, Harper figured out that I asked about the Staff because of Diane. She warned me that while relationships are permitted between committed members of the community, I can't get involved with anyone until I become one, nor can I let my interest in a girl influence my decision to stay, especially since, in Harper's view, I'm still not over Vicki. So I guess that's pretty much that... for now.

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