3:08 p.m.

I was wandering around the village just now and ran across Dr. Burke... or Juliet, as she wants me to call her now... I almost didn't recognize her outside of her doctor's uniform. It turns out she's volunteered to watch over those two kids that they rescued from our beach. I remember hearing that they were travelling by themselves and that their mom was supposed to pick them up at LAX, so I imagine they must really be missing their family and will be put on the sub when it leaves. And you know, it wasn't until I saw those two kids playing in the yard just now that I realized... I haven't seen any other young kids in this village at all since I've been here! The youngest I've seen look about 15 or 16. At first I thought maybe kids under a certain age aren't allowed in this village, but there's a playground with swings here, and these people don't seem to have a problem with these two kids being here, so maybe it's just a coincidence that there are no families with young kids living here.

Oh yeah, and while I was walking around earlier, I ran into that German guy who had helped me out of the water on the day of the crash! He was one of the three people that we'd thought had gotten abducted by those mysterious attackers that night, but it turns out he's been living in this village for the past two weeks. The only reason he didn't come back to find the rest of us was because he didn't know how to find our beach from here. We must've been pretty isolated, considering it took these people several days to find us.

Now that I'm here, I actually feel like this is an extension of my vacation in Australia. In fact, it's a really good deal, since I don't have to pay for meals or hotel accommodations! I can certainly see why these people enjoy living here. I haven't heard much about any forms of outdoor recreation, other than people jogging around the neighborhood or playing football in their yards. I did overhear one person walking by telling Mr. Linus, "They built a golf course on the island," but when I mentioned it to Aldo, he had no idea what I was talking about and wasn't aware of any golf course on this island. I guess that person must've been talking about a different island. It sounds like it'd be a neat idea, though.

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