10:04 a.m.

We found Peter and Joel's bodies on the ground exactly where we left them. I didn't realize that dead bodies look that gross after just two days! I'm still trying to recover from the sight of Vicki's corpse that I dug up! Anyway, I'm just leaving it to the experts among us to handle the corpses. I approached Richard a few minutes ago and asked if we could take the bodies to the site of Vicki's grave, since that happens to be on the beach, so that I could have a memorial service for her as well, and Richard said that he'd allow that, even though it's not common practice for us to have memorials for outsiders. We'll leave Vicki's body buried, but we'll cremate Peter and Joel's bodies as per our standard tradition. Not that it really matters to me either way. I hate funerals.

10:08 p.m.

We've just set up camp for the night on the beach after having the memorial service for Peter, Joel, and Vicki. As with other funerals we've done, very few words were spoken as we lit Peter and Joel's bodies on fire and sent them out to sea on bamboo platforms, and then a few of us placed flowers on top of Vicki's grave. I wouldn't have known what to say about Vicki anyway. I suppose I could've said that I never would've crashed on the Island if I hadn't flown to Australia for what was originally supposed to be our honeymoon... but I don't even know if that's true. For all I know, Jacob would've found some other way to bring me here.

After we set up our overnight camp, I overheard a few people talking to Richard about the idea of making this beach the location for our new permanent camp. Richard sounded open to the idea, but said we'd discuss it further in the morning. I don't think I'd want to live this close to Vicki's grave, but there's a huge stretch of flat beach next to us that would certainly be suitable for building several tents. It's too bad we can't move back into our old village and take advantage of those modern houses, but maybe living a simpler lifestyle will help us focus more on our true purpose on this island.

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