7:23 a.m.

I just woke up (I'm still pretty close to the beach where I buried Vicki last night), and there's a column of black smoke rising in the distance. (Thankfully not the kind of black smoke that attacks people!) I've only seen it once before, but I recognize it as the signal to all of our people on the Island that we're to report back to the Temple immediately, which I was already about to do anyway. I have no idea if I'm going to find good news or bad news when I get there, but I've definitely got some news of my own that I need to share with them -- everything I learned yesterday about that person or thing or whatever that was posing as Vicki!

8:42 p.m.

So when I arrived back at the Temple a few hours ago, I was met by shocked reactions all the way in. Apparently Aldo made it back to the Temple yesterday and told everyone that he saw the black smoke kill me! So everyone assumed I was dead until I showed up here!

Anyway, after several people expressed their relief that I'm alive, I told Richard and a few others everything that happened yesterday, and then I passed on Jacob's rival's message to Dogen about that deal he was willing to make. Surprisingly, Dogen was okay with that deal, regardless of whether we can trust that man or not, because Dogen prefers to stay at the Temple anyway, and he no longer thinks it's necessary to go after Claire. The fact that the "evil" man has "claimed" Claire is all Dogen needs to know, so there's no need for any further tests. So Dogen intends to honor his end of the deal -- leave Claire alone and never leave the Temple -- and only time will tell if that other man will honor his end by not attacking our people.

After I talked with Dogen, Richard updated me on our plan for tomorrow. (He already announced it in front of everyone earlier after the last person before me returned to the Temple, since they assumed I was dead.) A group of us, on a voluntary basis, are going to head into the jungle to retrieve the bodies of Peter and Joel, who were shot by Claire yesterday, then we're going to carry their bodies to the beach so that we can properly dispose of them and have a memorial service in the evening. I'm glad to hear this. Even though I never really got to know Peter or Joel over the past few months, they were both part of my group of plane crash survivors that were integrated into this community, so I'm glad that they're being treated with the same type of respect that anybody else here would. And then after that, we're going to start looking to set up a new, more permanent camp for some of our people, since the Temple just isn't designed to house this many people, nor is our community able to accomplish much if everyone is hunkered down here. Once we decide on a place, we'll each individually get to decide whether to move to that new camp or stay at the Temple. I'm kind of looking forward to finally living somewhere else, but I'll have to see where the new camp is before I decide for sure.

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