7:42 a.m.

I really hope Dogen doesn't plan to keep Claire here much longer. I just couldn't sleep with her constantly yelling "Let me out of here!!" and "Where's my son?!?!" throughout the night from that pit that they're keeping her in. I think it seems a little extreme to treat her like some out-of-control dangerous criminal, but Dogen doesn't want to take any chances. After all, that girl did shoot at me twice.

4:04 p.m.

Just one day after I thought I'd never see Vicki again, she showed up here at the Temple, handcuffed and being escorted by two guards. The guards said that Vicki actually turned herself in and wanted to speak to me. So Richard came and found me and told me what happened, and I went to go see Vicki in the room where she was being held. It turns out that for some reason, she thought she'd be able to convince me to join her and Claire and Claire's "father" and whoever else wants to join them, in their quest to find a way off the Island! She said she had decided she was willing to give me a second chance. Well, she is definitely quite foolish if she thinks I'd be willing to just leave my people and leave the Island for a chance at getting back together with her! I even made her a counter-offer for her to join us instead, but she had absolutely no desire to become one of us. So since we had nothing further to discuss, the guards threw her into the pit with Claire.

This really doesn't make sense, now that I think about it. Just what the heck was Vicki thinking?! She had to have realized that if I declined her offer, she'd be held prisoner here and have no way of escaping! Oh well, it was her choice, and she's not my problem anymore.

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