1:23 p.m.

Well, we were able to retrieve Claire and bring her back to the Temple, but she most certainly didn't come willingly. A small group of us went out to the cabin this morning -- Richard, myself, Aldo, and two other security guys: Peter (another one of my fellow recruited Oceanic survivors that I never really got to know) and Justin (apparently another fairly new guy who hasn't been on the Island much longer than I have). Richard and I approached Claire's cabin, while the other guys covered the surrounding area. But instead of finding Vicki and Claire inside, they ambushed us from behind, firing warning shots and telling us to stay away. I don't know what kind of talk those two women had last night, but what little trust they had yesterday is completely gone now. I tried to reason with Vicki, but she just doesn't believe that this community has turned me into a better person, and now that she's found Claire and Claire's "father" (whom we still haven't seen), Vicki has no need to trust me anymore. She even convinced Claire not to let us bring her to the Temple, even to prove that her baby isn't there.

So with Vicki and Claire still pointing their guns at us, Aldo had no choice but to fire a stun dart at Claire to knock her out. Peter tried shooting stun darts at Vicki, but apparently missed, and Vicki ran off into the jungle. We started running after her, but Richard insisted we just let her go, since we only came for Claire. So we picked up Claire and brought her back to the Temple, and Dogen is going to handle her from here.

I have to say, I'm rather disappointed by Vicki's sudden change in attitude, but I've realized that it's not a matter worth pursuing at this point. She's on her own now.

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