12:23 p.m.

So, umm... we did find an Oceanic survivor after all, shortly after Aldo and I left their beach camp and started walking back to the Temple. We found this woman hiding (obviously not very well) in the bushes alone, so we snuck up on her from behind and pointed our guns at her and forced her to turn around, revealing that she was none other than... Vicki!! Naturally she was way more surprised to see me than I was to see her, since she didn't even know that I was on her plane or that I've been on the Island all this time! She said that she was one of the first group of six people who had been ferried by Zodiac raft to the freighter and was on the deck of the freighter when there was a huge explosion, and the next thing she knew, she woke up on the beach, all alone and away from her camp.

I started to explain to Vicki that I was part of that group of survivors that crashed on the other side of the Island and that I was found by the people living here whom I ended up joining. Immediately she realized that I'd joined the people that she calls "the others", and she suddenly became very distrustful of us. It took a while of explaining (and convincing Aldo to let me handle this), but I eventually convinced Vicki to let us help her. I think she reluctantly gave in only because she's all alone and has no one else to turn to at this moment. But we're bringing her back to the Temple with us, and hopefully I can convince Richard to let Vicki join us, at least until we figure out what happened to the rest of her people. Even though I was angry with Vicki the last time I saw her before coming to the Island, a part of me still cares about her... at least enough to want to help her.

10:42 p.m.

The three of us have made camp by a stream for tonight. Aldo really doesn't like the fact that we're taking Vicki back to the Temple with us. He's been complaining about this situation all day, mostly that she's not supposed to see the Temple and that she's slowing us down. And I keep telling him to back off and let Richard decide what to do with Vicki when we get there.

I've been spending some time trying to catch up with Vicki, but it's mostly led to the typical arguments we used to have when we were engaged. I tried to explain to her how much this Island has changed me. I even mentioned the counseling sessions I had during my first month, in which I realized a lot of my own flaws that had pushed Vicki away and that I've learned how to accept more responsibility in general. But she claims she's heard me say stuff like this before and never saw any lasting changes in my behavior, and now she's convinced that I've joined some kind of evil cult and allowed them to brainwash me. Well... I guess technically they did brainwash me when I first got here, but... that's beside the point. I tried to explain to Vicki that our people have always had non-hostile motives in everything we've done and were only perceived as hostile by her people because of what they unfortunately didn't know. But the more I tried to explain things, the less sense I was apparently making, and Aldo was really getting frustrated and insisted that I was wasting my time. At that point, Vicki got tired of the conversation and asked what exactly I was trying to prove to her, and I said I simply wanted her to understand that I'm not the same man that she knew before. Her response was, "Fine, but I still have no desire to have anything to do with you." And that was that.

I guess I don't really expect much from Vicki beyond that anyway. It's not like I'm trying to get back together with her or anything. I know I moved on from her a long time ago. Besides, I can already tell that this Island has changed her just as much as it's changed me (though in different ways, I'm sure), and the truth is, I really don't know her anymore. So as far as I'm concerned, Vicki is just a person that I found wandering in the jungle today and whom I just happened to know in my former life before the Island. Once I hand her over to Richard tomorrow, she'll be out of my hands.

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