7:42 a.m.

Dang, I just had this really weird dream that I physically turned into that smoke creature! I was flying around the Island and ripping trees out of the ground! Must've been something I ate last night. I bet Dogen must've slipped something in my food.

9:04 a.m.

This is it! Our watchmen received a signal from Ben down in the valley below us, telling us that he's planning to purposely get himself captured by the invaders and will need our help rescuing him so that he can save the Island and John Locke can become our new leader. Apparently, both Ben and Locke are heading to a station called the Orchid, which it seems most of us have never heard of, but Richard knows where it is, so he's leading us on the mission. It's definitely dangerous, since the invaders are most certainly heavily armed, but we're all realizing the importance of ensuring that Ben can complete his task. Pretty much all of the men and a good handful of the women are volunteering. Also, Ben suggested in his message that we may need to team up with some of the Oceanic survivors if necessary, which a lot of us are apprehensive about, particularly since they recently killed a bunch of our people. But again, it's a case where we need to do whatever is necessary to get the job done. There's really no telling how this is going to go. Anyway, we've got all our gear ready, and we're about to head out. I just hope that that smoke thing isn't out there waiting for us.

11:08 a.m.

I really hope we haven't just made a mistake. We've teamed up with two of the biggest troublemakers amongst the Oceanic survivors -- Kate Austen and Sayid Jarrah. We encountered them in the jungle while we were on our way to the Orchid, and it looked like they were tracking someone's footprints and in a hurry, so they were obviously up to something. So Richard decided that rather than risk them getting in the way, it would be better to simply force them to join us. So a bunch of us surrounded the two of them with our guns drawn while Richard approached them and made a deal -- if they join us in helping to rescue Ben, we'd let them leave the Island.

Aldo verbally expressed his objection to trusting these two survivors, especially after they killed several of our people (plus I think Aldo is still bitter about Ms. Austen knocking him out with the butt of a rifle), and a few others agreed with him, but then I reminded them that these people were only defending themselves against what they perceived to be their enemy. I also reminded them that some of us were on the same flight as Austen and Jarrah and would likely be in their position if we'd merely sat in different seats. Austen looked really surprised when I said that, but Aldo still objected, arguing that it was Jacob's list, not plane seats, that set us apart. Then Richard interjected by saying that we need to put our differences with the Oceanic survivors aside for now and focus on rescuing Ben and saving the Island.

Right now we're all headed in the direction that Austen and Jarrah were headed, which is toward the invaders' helicopter, since that's our best bet of intercepting those people after they've captured Ben. This is just one of those days where I just have to say, I can't believe I'm doing this!

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