Some of you may or may not know that I have a blog page containing the journal entries of a character that I created named Bill, a background middle-section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, journaling his experiences since the day of the crash. Bill's story is outlined on my user page, and the actual journal is located at It's not designed to have an entertaining story with any mysteries (my character never knowingly encounters the smoke monster or visions of dead people), it's just something I started writing one day when I was pondering what it might be like if I was actually one of the survivors who crashed on the island. Those of you who have seen the journal have probably also noticed that I haven't updated it in several months and that the last entry takes place somewhere toward the end of Season 5, shortly after Ajira Flight 316 lands on Hydra Island. Well, I've been working on new ideas for Bill's journal while watching Season 6, and I've now gotten most of my ideas in place. Thus, I plan to start posting new journal entries in the upcoming week, so you'll get to find out what happens to Bill during the events of this final season!

Here is Bill's last journal entry as of the end of Season 5, so you can see where I left off:

Day 4 back on the island, 05:34 pm

Things are still getting crazy around here, but not by any of the people that I would've expected to cause trouble. In the middle of the day, Ilana and a few other people suddenly revealed that they'd found guns and announced that they were now in charge. They didn't exactly force any of us to do anything; they just proceeded to load a large crate and some other gear onto the last remaining canoe. Then our pilot finally returned from the main island, just in time for Ilana to knock him out with the back of her gun and drag him onto the canoe! Then they all took off in the canoe toward the main island. I have no idea what they're up to, but I'm not going to worry about it unless they come back.

Sheri did something kinda strange as Ilana and her group were getting into the canoe. She approached Ilana and asked if she could go with them! Ilana then asked Sheri a weird question that didn't make any sense, something about a statue, and Sheri obviously didn't understand it either, so Ilana refused Sheri's request and pointed her gun at her when Sheri tried to be persistent. I had to convince Sheri to back off. I questioned Sheri's sanity and why she wanted to go to that bigger island so badly, but she just said "never mind" and walked away. There's definitely something she's not telling me.

One thing that feels a bit weird is that as soon as Ilana and her group left, the rest of the Ajira survivors started to look to me as their leader, asking me what I think we should do and stuff! That's definitely something that never happened when I was among the Oceanic survivors on the other island, or at any time in my life back in the real world! I guess it's just because of the confidence I've been displaying with my survival skills, that I just seem like I know what I'm doing in general! I have no idea if this new leadership role will stick, but I do sense even more now that God has called me to minister to these people. I still hope to eventually make it over to the main island and look for any Oceanic survivors that might be there, but for now, I intend to focus on my new purpose here for as long as I can.

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