Some of you may or may not know that I have a blog page containing the journal entries of a character that I created named Bill, a background middle-section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, journaling his experiences since the day of the crash. Bill's story is outlined on my user page, and the actual journal is located at It's not designed to have an entertaining story with any mysteries (my character never encounters the smoke monster or visions of dead people), it's just something I started writing one day when I was pondering what it might be like if I was actually one of the survivors who crashed on the island. Those of you who have seen the journal have probably also noticed that I haven't updated it in several months and that the last entry takes place at the end of Season 4. Well, I finally started working on new ideas for Bill's journal right after Season 5 ended a little over a month ago, particularly now that the show has finally revealed the fate (or lack thereof) of the remaining background survivors (redshirts). And now that I've gotten most of my ideas in place, I plan to start posting new journal entries in the upcoming week, so you'll get to follow Bill's perspective of the events of Season 5!

Here is Bill's last journal entry as of the end of Season 4, so you can see where I left off:

30 December 2004 @ 12:25 pm

Oh my gosh! We just saw the freighter explode, just shortly after it became visible in the distance!! There goes any hope of rescue! And does that mean that those of our people who made it onto that boat just died?? Including Aaron?? This just sucks! All of us are pretty shocked, having no idea why the freighter exploded or who was on it when it happened. And still no word from Jack, Kate, or Sayid.

Wait a second, is that Sawyer over there sitting next to Juliet? It is!! Where did he come from?! I should go ask him. Maybe he knows what happened over at Locke's camp and why Kate brought back Aaron without Claire... or anybody else, for that matter. Wait... what's that noise? What the...? What the heck is...

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