Okay, so after two more uneventful time flashes, I encountered those two guys in the old-style army uniforms again, but they didn't act like they recognized me this time. As soon as I saw them, I ran in the other direction, and I heard one of them yell, "Who are you?" before they both started shooting at me. After running for a few minutes, I desperately tried hiding inside what turned out to be a stone well, at least 30 feet deep! At first I just grabbed the rope and started climbing down, hoping they didn't see me, but they reached the well and started shooting at me again, so I slid down the rope all the way to the bottom, getting a bad case of rope burn on my hands in the process. Fortunately, the bottom of the well turned out to be dry, and those two guys were smart enough not to follow me down. Unfortunately, I seem to have no way of climbing back up! But I'm inside what appears to be some kind of cavern, and I see a weird glow coming from somewhere further down the cavern, so I think I'll go check that out. Maybe it's another way out.

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