I sure hope I don't end up regretting what I'm doing right now. I'm basically taking a nap inside a tent whose occupants may or may not return. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but I'm just really tired from hiking all day, and I just happened to stumble upon this camp on the beach comprised of at least a dozen or so white tents. They look like they were hand-made, but definitely a lot of effort went into their construction, obviously meant to house permanent residents. It doesn't look like those residents left very long ago, either, but I checked all of the tents, and there's absolutely nobody here. So I decided to take advantage of this cot inside one of the tents and get some rest while I can and hope that whoever lived here doesn't return, or that they're not hostile if they do.

Oh yeah, and while I was walking along the beach earlier, about a mile from our old camp, I came across Sayid sitting with someone that took me several seconds to realize was Shannon! It looked like they were sharing an intimate moment together on the beach. I apologized for disturbing them and explained that I was just exploring the beach and kept walking. Funny, I never knew there was anything going on between those two. But then it's not like I ever really hung around them back when Shannon was alive. In fact, as I was walking away, I actually heard Shannon whisper to Sayid, "What was his name again?"

Anyway, shortly after that, there was another time flash, this time turning night into day, so even though it's daylight right now, it feels like it should be night, so I'm gonna see if I can get some sleep in this strange tent.

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