Apparently, the people who live on the island in the various time periods that we're flashing to aren't being affected by these time flashes... which really worked out to my advantage just a moment ago, as I was being escorted at gunpoint by two such people, and a time flash caused them to disappear! I don't even know who they were, but they were wearing what looked like old-style U.S. Army uniforms, and they claimed that this was their island. The weird thing is, they acted as though they'd seen me before. When they first spotted me walking in the jungle, one of them pointed his gun at me and said, "You!" and the other guy said something like, "You couldn't hide inside that well forever, could you!" I assume they were mistaking me for someone else, but they kept insisting that they had chased me down a well. I am quite certain I would remember if I'd ever climbed down a well before! I don't recall ever even seeing a well on this island! Whatever, I'm just glad that I escaped their captivity thanks to that time flash. Who knows what would've happened when they led me back to their camp?

Anyway, I'm thinking the best thing to do now would be to head back to our beach camp, mainly because I have no idea where else to go. Even though that's where we got attacked by those flaming arrows, I have no reason to think I'd be safer anywhere else on this island, and I suppose there's always a chance that our camp supplies might reappear at some point. So... beach camp it is.

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