As if we weren't being challenged enough... I guess the only way to describe what just happened is... our group got attacked by a bunch of flaming arrows!! It happened just as Craig and I were returning to the camp with what little fruit we found. I heard Sawyer yell, "Run!!" and I turned and saw several fire-lit arrows flying through the sky straight toward us! Everybody got up and ran for our lives into the jungle. As I was running, I could see out of the corner of my eye that several of our people were getting hit by arrows! Craig was about ten feet in front of me when he got hit! I stopped to try to help him at first, but then I realized that the arrow had hit him square in the chest and he was already dead. I stood there in shock for a second, until an arrow struck the ground right next to me, kicking my running instincts back in. And I just kept running as hard as I could, tripping over branches, until I couldn't run anymore, and I collapsed on the ground. And now I'm all alone somewhere in the jungle in the middle of the night. I never did see who was attacking us. I haven't heard anybody approach me in the last 20 minutes that I've been sitting here, so hopefully I'll be safe here until it gets light and I can start looking for anyone who survived. Except I have no idea where to look. While we were running, I think I heard Sawyer yell something like "everybody split up", but I couldn't hear what he said after that. So I might be on my own for a while.

This just feels unreal. Despite all the life-threatening dangers that our group as a whole has been through on this island -- polar bear attacks, skirmishes with the Others, the crazy French woman's death traps, Arzt blowing himself up -- this is the first time that I've ever directly faced a threat to my own life. Either I'm handling it really well, or the reality just hasn't set in yet. I hope I don't have to find out anytime soon.

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