I suppose any date or time entry is meaningless, since I have no idea what the date actually is! Just when I thought things couldn't get any weirder on this island... it appears that all of us here on this beach -- the remaining Flight 815 survivors plus Juliet plus those three people from that freighter -- are randomly jumping through time! It started with that first flash of bright light and loud screeching noise a couple of hours ago while I was standing on the beach. After the light cleared, I immediately noticed that our entire camp was gone! All the tents and structures and everything we'd built over the last 100 days, plus all of our food and supplies, had vanished into thin air! Then Daniel came back on the Zodiac raft with the last group of survivors that were bound for the freighter and explained to us that the camp simply hadn't been built yet -- basically that all of us had traveled back in time to before we crashed on the island! He then asked Sawyer and Juliet to take him to our old hatch for some reason, so I guess that's where they went, along with Charlotte and that other guy from their freighter.

I didn't believe any of what Daniel was saying at first, until we experienced two more of those "time flashes" after they'd left. One of the flashes caused day to instantly turn to night, and our camp was suddenly back, except that it was pretty much in ruins. Most of the structures were either partially collapsed or destroyed (including my own tent), the food was all gone, there were empty cans and boxes everywhere -- it basically looked like the camp had been abandoned for several months, or even years. Then after maybe ten minutes, there was another flash of light, and it was suddenly daytime again, and the camp was gone again, just as before. So if what Daniel was saying was true, then we must've jumped from the past to sometime in the future and then back into the past again. I'd be totally thinking this was all a dream, if everybody else wasn't obviously just as confused as I am!

But the big question is... what the heck are we all supposed to do now?! Since we no longer have any food or supplies, we pretty much have to start all over just to survive! We don't even have plane wreckage to search for supplies! Well, for now, maybe it's best to just wait and see if Daniel comes back soon with the rest of them so they can give us a better explanation of what's going on.

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