Hurley and Ben just left the Island for a couple of special tasks, so they've left me and Sheri temporarily in charge of the Island until they get back. It's the first time that Hurley and Ben have both been gone at the same time since Hurley became the Island's protector. Gosh, it's hard to believe it's been almost three years! And I think I'm the only person on the Island who still calls him Hurley, as opposed to Hugo. But my life has been going great ever since I decided to stay on the Island. Sheri and I got married after just three months on the Island (and Hurley officiated the wedding), and we spent an entire year after that building a nice cabin for ourselves in the jungle not too far from the Temple. We even managed to adopt a stray cat that we found in the jungle one day. The two of us have been leading a weekly Bible study group that includes Nancy, Mark, Zack and Emma. The Island population has been steadily growing. Cindy, Nancy and Mark managed to find three more of their people living on the Island shortly after they began searching. And every so often, Hurley or Ben would bring in a few people at a time from the outside world. They've brought a total of twelve new people to the Island in the last three years, each with special skills that benefit our community as much as the Island fulfills their lives. Oh, and I'm way more physically fit now than I've ever been in my entire life!

But anyway, one of the things that Ben is doing off the Island right now is shutting down the Dharma facility that's been dropping food supplies on the Island at periodic intervals. Apparently there are workers there who have no clue where they're even sending the supplies or why they're doing it, and since we've now learned how to be completely self-sustaining here, there's no reason to make those workers keep packing and shipping supplies to a mysterious destination. The other thing that Hurley and Ben left to do is to bring another person to the Island, but they haven't told us who it is. Whoever it is, this person must be really special if both Hurley and Ben are leaving the Island to go get him.

Anyway, Sheri just brought the laundry in and reminded me that it's time to go check the rabbit traps. This is far from the type of life I would've wanted to live three years ago, but I'm really grateful to be here now. In so many ways, the Island has made me a much better person than I ever would've been otherwise.

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