Okay. So I’m realizing that among those who truely loved The End and those who are simply LOST apologists there seems to be a general consensus that the other camp didn’t like the finale simply because it decided to omit a lot of really inconsequential plot holes and mysteries despite the fact that most fans had accepted (through darlton interviews) as effectively dropped. It wasn’t the minutia. It wasn’t where did the food drops come from, or why didn’t pregnancy work. I don't care about closing the loop with the outrigger shootout. It was claire. There. its over. There was more at play here.

For instance, why throw heiroglyphs and pictograms all over the place, drape the sets with mythological easter eggs, and ultimately never touch on who, what, or barring that, why we should accept that not knowing is in our best interest. Instead we’re simply told that while the answers might be important, they don’t matter because certain cosmic and metaphysical events render their relevance to the plot moot.

They set up Charles Whidmore for 4 seasons. He was built up to know so much. More than Ben. More than Richard. It seems like he knew almost as much as Jacob did, especially after the alleged post freighter vision. So it goes to reason that Whidmore in season 6 is returning to the island with Desmond in tow to enact a grand plan that Jacob has been weaving from beyond the grave. What is Whidmore’s plan? This matters, because without understanding his motivation for bringing that crew, plotting the electromagnetic hotspots, and ultimately utilizing desmond, it all becomes plot dressing.

Des too, built up as special for seasons. His ability to "see alternate timelines" and to be "unstuck in time" were just redherrings so that in the end, when it looks exactly like the EMP caused desmond to flash into the FSW. With that information, we all assume that Desmond is going to succeed. But he fails, actually he just almost died, and saw purgatory. 4 seasons of build up, just so that we would fall for a cheap trick.

It turns out that it was all to place desmond on the island with a false sense of hope, so he can fail. SO Jack can die heroicly. So on and so forth. Characters that we were told mattered boiled down to 6 seasons of set up for an extremely contrived set of events. We’re expected to just forget about the fact that character’s have motivations, feelings, aspirations, doubts. They become marionettes playing out the finale act of a show that was masquerading as something that it wasn’t.

It wasn’t questions i wanted answered. I wanted characters who were important to be treated as more than puppets acting outside of the norm and their own motivations. The way the last few episodes treated the audience was audacious, and i refuse to think otherwise.


Dont get me wrong. Im being grossly ovrsimplistic. I dont mean that those arcs werent good, or well developed. What im saying is that in the end, Why was whidmore there. I think that mattered. But it didnt. Desmonds experiences ultimately lead to him making an awful mistake. You cant know for sure that Jacobs plan was to turn off the source and render the MIB mortal. I'm simply saying that without some of those crucial character motives and explanations, the actiosn taken thereafter seem contrived. thats just my opinion, ive been over all of this. I understand how it all works within the lost world, i just like the route they took, i suppose.

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