I found this mini-sode watchable. But as a send off to the fans disappointed with really nagging, really large, important questions, it managed to talk down to us.

I understand why some people ADORE the end, but for me, it wasnt why i was watching the show. I don’t buy the argument that Darlton had prepared us, that they assured us it WASN’T a sci-fi show, a mystery show, it was a character study. Well, guess what.. at some point in season 3 you made the decision to embrace the parts of the show the fans were really into, only to pull out the rug at the last moment of the show. Not to stray from the fact that they didn’t redeem the characters that i felt got the short end of the stick in the last two seasons, being reduced to plot moving robots, rather than the well developed characters we’re supposed to be caring for.

The dharma employees were clearly audience stand ins. Where Ben is Darlton, he mocks them, and by proxy, his own fans. For wanting “answers.” answers never had anything to do with it. Then, to make matters worse, the dharma people are treated to the most mundane answers to the minutia that us “answer hungry angry fan haters” so desperately wanted. The problem is that the people complaining that the end was a cop-out, didnt feel as though you didnt answer specific mysteries, rather that you had reduced the characters in your character driven show into one dimensional archetypes of what they had previously been. Going through the motions with absolutely NO motivation.

That said, i didn’t hate it. The hydra video was pointless, it seems that even in the mini-sode you felt the need to divert my attention from things i care about to waste my time with something that was obvious and pointless. That said, seeing Ben again was a treat, i cant deny that. The closure with walt, was for the most part more than i was expecting, and it makes it easier to discern the method that Ben and Hurley might have used to create the flashsideways world. (walt, he wills things into existence) But what can i expect in 12 minutes. I just wish those 6 minutes that they spent irreverently mocking the fans who had every right to dislike the finale after the 6 years of LOSTie legwork, had been spent on something slightly more relevant.

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