Expect major plot twists as the series concludes. While Jack has been identified as a known' candidate (and he probably is) the list only identified Shepherd 23, not “Jack.” Here are some alternate scenarios.

  • Ray Shepherd told Jack he plans to escape from the residential facility and 'they won't find me, either' He is the right age to have been on the island with the military in 1954. If he shows up on the island, he may be Shepherd 23 candidate instead of Jack. Given Jacob's tenure on the island, Ray's age shouldn't prevent him from being a candidate.
  • Ilana's group uses a question to reveal key information about a person: Question: What lies in the shadow of the statue. Answer: He who will save us all. Meaning of 'lies' is ambiguous so far. 'Lies" could be a synonym for 'buried'
    • John Locke was buried at the survivors' burial ground, not at the statue; while at the statue, we can probably eliminate Flocke as 'he who will save us all”
    • While Christian has been verified as 'dead', his body wasn't in the casket; his body may have been buried near the statue
  • We know Candidate 23 is named Shepherd, but it was MIB who said that it was Jack. But Christian's surname is Shepherd as well (but Claire's is not).
    • While it is probable that Christian's island appearances is MIB in disguise, at this stage this is an assumption, not proven. We have no proof that “Christian” lied when he told Locke that he can speak on behalf of Jacob and we don't know if there are rules around lying that apply to the MIB. Christian has been seen on the island with and without 'white' shoes; that may be a clue to identify when what is seen is Christian or MIB in the guise of Christian. --Cassandra4815162342 00:05, February 21, 2010 (UTC)

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