so im a big fan and wanted to blog for a while but i have too many questions myself to make any real guesses

why does christan show himself to jack first

who is in the cabin the first time lokce and ben visit -- who says help me what is the deal with christan -- where is his body if he told locke to move the island and locke did so then he would of left and ben would of stayed -- he would of never been told to bring the others back and that he would have to die inorder to do so -- so who can see the furture and who can't

why would the mib need locke who wanted to stay so bad so that he could leave

is someone being kept out of the cabin -- or held in -- why is there no ash around the foot statue -- why can a sonic fense keep it out for that matter

why does juliet say they dont know what the smoke monster is -- i dont get how much the others really filled her in -- and why would she and alex want to leave so badly and why are they the only ones that want to leave the others group why would the others have to brain wash some one to believe in jacbo why is walt too much to handle for the others where did the seriff go -- -- it makes me mad that we dont get any information about the others from juliet

who is adam and eve will we see again the black and white rocks jack took from the adam or eve's pokcet -- which i believe are the eyes of locke in claries dream

why does the smoke moster kill mr. echo what was the point of boon telling locke that he had to save mr. echo why does the evil smoke moster live underneath the temple where they are trying to keep him out of it


why would they have charlie scream that he couldnt swim in season one and then hes a great swimmer in season three

why does elousie tell desmond that the island is not done with him yet -- why is she in his life so much -- in the scene with desmond as a monk we see her in the picture frame on the desk with the man he is talking with -- when he comes to buy the ring -- she explains to him that he doesnt buy it -- he just walks out the door -- so its like she already lived that life once and was waiting to live it again -- and that no matter what the future could not be changed and then when desmond finally realizes that he is reliving his life and that its not too late with penny -- his is forced back into the time that we see as the present

wait what? so what does all this mean?

when we see farady send his rat through the maze the rat is using knowledge it recieved from the future -- no human has been able to do this yet on lost -- unless you could desmond seeing the future which was once for locke speech and then only when charlie was about to die -- then his powers go away??

so widmore sends the boat to the island knowing that ben would leave it and then leave his son danile on it who would then time travel and have the opportunity to save the island? and then ben's off the island so then widmore wins? -- why did elousie have to leave the island -- she was long gone before widmore banished and why are they working together to send danile back -- can elousie see the future -- is she relving her life and she knows whats going to happen next -- that is until she sends the ocianic six back and she wants them to change the future?

if you read all these questions and you have some answers for me i loved them

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