• Casbakee


    February 14, 2010 by Casbakee

    so im a big fan and wanted to blog for a while but i have too many questions myself to make any real guesses

    why does christan show himself to jack first

    who is in the cabin the first time lokce and ben visit -- who says help me what is the deal with christan -- where is his body if he told locke to move the island and locke did so then he would of left and ben would of stayed -- he would of never been told to bring the others back and that he would have to die inorder to do so -- so who can see the furture and who can't

    why would the mib need locke who wanted to stay so bad so that he could leave

    is someone being kept out of the cabin -- or held in -- why is there no ash around the foot statue -- why can a sonic fense keep it out for that ma…

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