Hello, I'm not a perfect english speaker, so please be indulgent with my mistakes! There are some points in the story that confuse me a little. It's very probable that these questions were already asked before, but I didn't find coherent explanations. I think that clear answers for these questions weren't given, but if someone is motivated to try to write pertinent theories and ideas about them, that would be very nice.

What was the purpose of Ben falling into Rousseau's trap? That was a dangerous thing to do (he got almost shot by Sayid) and what did he gain from that?

If Ben needed Sawyer, Kate and Jack in order to have his tumor removed, why didn't he just ordered to kidnap them when they were looking for Michael?

It is strange that we see Jacob touching Sayid and Hurley on mainland after the initial crash. Does it mean that they weren't candidates before?

It bothers me that we don't see who killed the Ajira passengers. Was it Widmore or The Man in Black? They just show their dead bodies without an explanation behind...That's frustrating, because for me that's a pretty important element for the story.

That's what I have for the moment. Thanks in advance!

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