Hello! I want to share with you this little story inspired from Lost that I've written a few days ago. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Blink of an Eye

I opened my eyes. Right from that moment, I understood that nothing would ever be the same. The first thing I felt was the warm grass I was lying on. My body was paralysed, and my eyes were drawn in the direction of a deeply blue sky, without a single cloud. I couldn’t move, but strangely, it didn’t scare me...I had forgotten what it was...forgotten what it was to leave behind all the social pressures and conventions, to simply be as one with our surroundings and feel the air cleaning out our fragile bodies. I didn’t know that I could still feel this pure, intense, and at the same time, harmonious sensation, after all these tourmented years of disillusions and wasted hopes. Maybe, that’s because I was refusing to. But at that moment, it was here, and it was all that mattered... And then, a more familiar sensation returned to me. My back...I felt a strong pain in my back...

- John! Oh little boy!

«Ouch...It really hurts...but I’ve made it! Jenny told me I couldn’t climb on the big tree, but she was wrong!! Can you still carry me mommy? You must be strong! But...Hey! You can’t touch me like that mommy! What will Jenny say? I’m a big boy! I just showed it to her! Hmm...but it feels so good! Mommy, if only you knew how much I love you...I love Jenny too, I even kissed her on the cheek! She promised me we will be married, and you will always be here».

- Madam, it’s better to put your son on the grass, we don’t know how seriously he has been injured.

- You’re sure? Oh sorry...Yes, I know, I know.

«’re putting me down! Haha! I’m heavy! I’m a big boy now, and I can climb every tree!

- Let me examine him. I’m only a physiotherapist, but I think I can help you!

«Hey! Who is that? Is he that big man who often sits in the park on week-ends, smiling and saying hello to everyone? Dad says they’re all hypocrites, with their stupid conventions...I don’t really know what these words mean, but they seem bad...By the way, I’m wondering how long it will take him to come back from America...And what are these strange pills that mom hides in the bathroom? Hey...this big man is very close to me now. It’s his hands...Don’t touch me! Only mum can touch me!»

- Johnny...Johnny! Miss Shepherd! Is he gonna be ok?

«’re here...You saw me on the top! I was right!»

- Yes, Jenny of course, I called the good doctors, they will be here soon...My little boy...Why...why did you have to climb this damned tree?

«You don’t know why mum? Because I’m a hero...That...What is this? Why everything is fuzzy? I’m feeling funny...It’s dark...»

There was a tree on my side. I was even surrounded by them. And my back hurt. Because of that accident, I regularly felt back pains. But it wasn’t the same now...This time, the impact was much stronger. This time I couldn’t have avoided it: «When you’re a typical middle class worker, you don’t have a lot of power to oppose your boss’ decision to send you to a foreign country for business»... Wait...Why am I talking in the past tense? Isn’t it happening right now? It’s crazy how fast we can think when we’re not in our usual state of mind. Have I just blinked my eyes? Is this moment already gone? Is this real? Is it the pill? The pill I've been taking to forget the pathetic conditions of my existence? Has the boss really forced me to cross the Atlantic, or did I volunteer to discover new landscapes? Maybe it’s just the will to rebel against mommy’s restrictions? Have I reached the top of the biggest tree? I’m lying on the grass...My back still hurts...Who will decide what has just happened to me? I can move my head. The’s not supposed to be red. The accident...The accident. There’s no reason to be worried. The sky is so blue...I can’t change things. I have had my ups and downs. It’s time to let go. This grass will fix things and all will be resolved... I smiled. And then, it was over, so I closed my eyes.

--Carvelcake 22:43, January 20, 2011 (UTC)

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