• Carvelcake

    Blink of an Eye

    January 20, 2011 by Carvelcake

    Hello! I want to share with you this little story inspired from Lost that I've written a few days ago. I hope you'll enjoy it!

    I opened my eyes. Right from that moment, I understood that nothing would ever be the same. The first thing I felt was the warm grass I was lying on. My body was paralysed, and my eyes were drawn in the direction of a deeply blue sky, without a single cloud. I couldn’t move, but strangely, it didn’t scare me...I had forgotten what it was...forgotten what it was to leave behind all the social pressures and conventions, to simply be as one with our surroundings and feel the air cleaning out our fragile bodies. I didn’t know that I could still feel this pure, intense, and at the same time, harmonious sensation, after…

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  • Carvelcake

    Eko's Fate

    January 7, 2011 by Carvelcake

    Hello! It would be nice to share your theories about Eko's murder by Smokie! I'm sure it has been already discussed before, but I wanted to come back to this.

    It's hard to believe that Eko wasn't a candidate. He presented all the characteristics to remplace Jacob: he was lost in his life before the crash, Yemi's plane crashed on the same island as him (that reinforce the sense of destiny); and remember just how motivated he was to push the button in the bunker (that could make him a perfect protector of the light)... But, all right, let's admit that he wasn't a candidate for I don't know what reason...Why the hell The Man In Black needed to do this crazy manipulation, using Yemi's body in order to kill this cool priest? Couldn't he just …

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  • Carvelcake

    Hello, I'm not a perfect english speaker, so please be indulgent with my mistakes! There are some points in the story that confuse me a little. It's very probable that these questions were already asked before, but I didn't find coherent explanations. I think that clear answers for these questions weren't given, but if someone is motivated to try to write pertinent theories and ideas about them, that would be very nice.

    What was the purpose of Ben falling into Rousseau's trap? That was a dangerous thing to do (he got almost shot by Sayid) and what did he gain from that?

    If Ben needed Sawyer, Kate and Jack in order to have his tumor removed, why didn't he just ordered to kidnap them when they were looking for Michael?

    It is strange that we se…

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