I don't like season 6 by far. I would like to pint out why in a constrctive manner, because I am also a die hard fan of the series and for me from season 1 to 5 it was a constant build up, which started by intiguing me in season 1 to completely blowing my mind off in season 5. This is why I find it really said that s6 doesn't live up to my expectations by far. Here is what I find wrong:

With every season LOST updates their storytelling structure. They do it by introducing a new faction and time-related storytelling approach. Factions: Survivors, the Others, The Freighter Guys, Dharma, Ajira Flight and Temple people. Time-structure: flash-backs, flash-forwards, mixed flash-forwards and backwards, time skipping, alternate reality.

Untill season six, this approach worked flawlessly, because each time we were shown something off the island, it enriched the on-island story. The initial flashbacks revealed sometimes disturbing information of the characters' past. Then we were hit by the big flash-forward twist, and started seeing what happens in the future. This made us wonder what will happen on the island, that determines why each charatcer acts the way he does in the future. When flash backs and forwards were mixed, we had to figure out which is which, and the same effect was achieved by the time-skipping. All this created an amazing cause-effect-cause-effect sequencing, with big blanks spots, that bred all these theories of what caused what and what is actually going on.

We were all detectives, trying to tie the many loose end of a greatly weaved story. This made LOST what LOST is.

Now we come to season 6. I saw the opener and very much liked the idea that we are being shown a reality split. In the next few episodes it became clear this is not a split, but rather an alternative reality, because the whole past of the characters shown by far is different from before.

And here comes the problem. Because what we see of the island in season 6 is an alternative reality, it no longer adds to the whole plot. It doesn't enrich the on island plot, it doesn't pose interrelated questions. In the previous 5 seasons the storylines interweaved in a very intricate manner, which made me watch both storylines with huge interest, and I was always on the lookout not to miss any detail.

Now since the lines are parralel, my interest subsides, and I know many other fans feel the same. This struture plays a bad joke, because why would I care if Jack has good relationship with his son, or Sayid kills some more in an alternative world? Since this is not related (by far) to the on island plot, in presents no interest for me whatsoever. With the same approach we could have been treated a parralel universe stoyrline about Dharma, scientists, polar bear, which would have been a lot more fun.

I truly hope in the episodes to follow we will se that the two universe interact in a way, that what happpens in one matters in the other, and that should start happening in an episodic basis, to keep the interest. Right now the paralel universe is worse than regular flash-backs, because we haven't seen by far that it matters in any way to the whole thing. Since the writers wrote seasons 4,5 and 6 together, I can hardly imagine they will fail. I just hope, that since this is the final season, they will break that structure and twist and turn the wholeplot and timeline as much as they did in the whole last 5 seasons. I don't want it simplified. I want it completely tied up!!!

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