• CarnivorousTwig

    I don't like season 6 by far. I would like to pint out why in a constrctive manner, because I am also a die hard fan of the series and for me from season 1 to 5 it was a constant build up, which started by intiguing me in season 1 to completely blowing my mind off in season 5. This is why I find it really said that s6 doesn't live up to my expectations by far. Here is what I find wrong:

    With every season LOST updates their storytelling structure. They do it by introducing a new faction and time-related storytelling approach. Factions: Survivors, the Others, The Freighter Guys, Dharma, Ajira Flight and Temple people. Time-structure: flash-backs, flash-forwards, mixed flash-forwards and backwards, time skipping, alternate reality.

    Untill seas…

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