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April 17, 2010
  • CarmenSandiego

    Are a lot of Lost fans like the people on this podcast??? WOW.

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  • CarmenSandiego

    I have many questions, as does everyone else. I haven't heard anyone bring this up though...

    Why didn't Jack turn into a smoke monster when he put the "plug" back into the source? The light came back on and he got spit out.

    I find this inconsistent with what we've been shown previously. Any ideas?

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  • CarmenSandiego

    In the episode "The Candidate", the ending shows MIB with Claire on the Dock, and he states he's going to finish what he started. Where is Claire now? Am I the only one that is curious?

    This is a little different than the "Where's Miles, Ben, Richard" posts, as we all knew they were on their way to the plane to blow it up.

    So, where is she?

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  • CarmenSandiego

    Was it the explosion of Jughead? No. A lot of people just assume that it was.

    My take on this, is that when Jacob is killed, they got transported to present day. After Ben stabs Jacob, he says "They're coming", and no one seemed to know what he was talking about. Well, I think he was talking about Jack, Hurley, Jin, etc., and he himself brought them back to present time.

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