There are so many games out there, but which is the best? After so many game generations and game developments you'd think they'd all be good, but alas they are not. For me the first thing is playability, if it's not playable, it's not worth the hassle. Second is the storyline, lead in movie and carried through content to the end. It's gives the game a point and a reason. Lastly, how involved was the gameplay, does it make you lose yourself in the game like a good book would. Making you feel like your part of the storyline, and not just a puppetmaster pulling strings.

I have played alot of games in my time (Atari 2600 was my first gaming system, so way back). My all time favorite, the Half Life series (Valve), almost to its completion in the Half Life 2 of it's storylines, but worth every minute of gameplay.

Falling short of my expectations for overall gameplay, but otherwise excellent was the Fallout3 series(Bethesda), but it's sad that it runs so bad for so many and continued in it's newest version FO Vegas. This shows me that the makers are not as concerned with how much you enjoy the playability, but how much they can make off it while they can. This is why Valve's games will always beat out Bethesda Games, it's the care for the gamer. And that's why great games fall short.

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