• Captain Empire

    Mystery of the Shoes

    February 25, 2009 by Captain Empire

    I recall that the writers once said that there was a clue to the show's mystery in the very first episode, which began with Jack lying in the jungle. How he landed there so far from the crash site, even though he was strapped in his seat, is a mystery unto itself. But as he ran through the jungle, he passed a tree from which a single shoe was dangling by a shoelace. The camera focuses on it for a few seconds. Then, in episode 3:14 (Expose'), Sawyer asked why the paralyzed Paolo's shoes were hanging from a tree. Then, in 3:21 (Greatest Hits), Charlie lost his shoe as he dove into the sea to get to the Looking Glass Station. The camera followed the shoe as it floated upward. Then, last week (316), in response to Eloise's request that …

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