August 9, 2009 by CJLRAC

    Hi, everyone seems to (understandably) dislike the characters of nikki and paulo, i too found it slightly annoying that these two just showed up as "new characters" from the crash, but in all fairness i find expose one of my favourite episodes (not just because it sees the pair killed off lol).

    the writers came up with a very clever plot, and worked the pair into flashbacks of major events we'd already seen (which i thought was good, seen as how they had just appeared) and i loved the mystery around it all, with them finally being buried because they all thought they were dead.

    so basically, disliked the characters, but they did provide me with a brilliant episode to watch

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    The Statue

    May 24, 2009 by CJLRAC

    Hi, im new to lostpedia (but watched the show since it started). General question about the statue....

    Am i looking at it in a wierd angle, or does the foot seen by Sayid, Jin and Sun seem to be a LEFT foot...

    whilst, to me, the foot seen by 'Locke', Ben etc. seems to be a RIGHT foot........

    pictures are both are available on lostpedia

    am i lookin at it all wrong an just from a different angle??????????


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