Jack finds Christian's coffin empty

When the smoke monster takes the form of Jack's late father Christian, Jack finds his father's coffin empty. When the monster takes the form of Yemi, Eko's late brother, Eko can't find Yami's body in the wreckage (This is only after Eko start's seeing Yami in "?") But when the monster takes the form of Locke, Locke's body isn't missing and is found by Illana's group. Also, why does Christian appear wearing different clothing to different characters e.g he wears the suit when Jack sees him and when Hurley sees him in the cabin and he wears normal clothing when he appears to Claire, Locke, Sun and Frank. Also, was it the smoke monster taking the form of Lisa Gellhorn, or did it have something to do with how "Via Domus" ended with Lisa on the plane. And finally, what do you think of the ending to "Via Domus", where Elliot sees Oceanic 815 crash after the hatch implodes?

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