• Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    In Season 5 episode 1 we see Locke encounter the smuggler's plane that crashes on the island and eventually kills Boon. I was watching an episode from Season 2 titled the 23rd Psalm. In this episode the great Mr.Eko forces Charlie to take him to the plane which the great Mr.Eko proceeds to torch after stealing back his jewellery from his dead brother.

    So back to Season 5 episode 1, after Locke is shot by Ethan he stumbles over to the plane, a plane which has definitely not been torched by the great Mr.Eko or anyone. So then we must assume that Locke is now in a time somewhere before Season 2 when they have yet to meet Henry Gale and have yet to blow up the hatch...which is the other problem because if Locke and the Sawyer group were jumpiā€¦

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