• Busheys

    I found this on digg yesterday about Jeremy Bentham, I thought it was pretty relevant (if it hasn't been previously discussed!)

    excerpt: Jeremy Bentham Upon Bentham's death in June 1832, his body was preserved as requested in his will. Bentham wished to be embalmed, dressed, and placed in his chair "in the attitude in which I am sitting when engaged in thought." The body remains on display in a glass case at the University College London. Because Bentham's head was damaged during preservation, it is stored separately, and the body was fitted with a wax replica. For the college's 100th and 150th anniversaries, Bentham's remains were brought to sit at the meeting of the Colle…

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  • Busheys

    I have Lost revelations every once in a while. Here's my most recent (feel free to challenge- I waste enough time on Lost pondering as it is).

    All the ghosts that we've seen on the island (Yemi, Christian, Alex, Walt, Horace, etc) are not ghosts at all. Assuming that Jack succeeded in the course corrections by setting off the bomb, perhaps the characters that have been appearing as ghosts are the living characters in the alternate timeline of the correction so they are existing in the same time and there's no erroneous time traveling aside from the wheel turning (which I'm more than okay with).

    Yet, as I'm watching Lost I saw Christian Shepherd tell Michael that "you can go now" before the bomb exploded on the freighter. So who knows. An…

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