Like many here, I have long suspected Richard to be ancient--either as far back as an Egyptian like society or even as a member of the crew of the Black Rock. Now with the last episode of last season, we also saw MIB and Jacob in period clothing watching what we presume to be the Black Rock in the Ocean.

So the question is: If these three characters are so old, why do the speak perfect modern-American English? Was it an oversight of the writers when originally writing Richard's character and casting him? Is it like Star Trek where everyone in the Universe speaks English for the audience's sake?

My problem with both of those is that in the first instance, Richard was presented in tattered Other's garb making him look ancient. Also, the writers seem to be better than that if they already knew the Other's origin, even if they didn't have Richard's character arc fleshed out. As for the second possibility--that everyone speaks English--we already have evidence to the contrary with Arabic, French, Korean, and a few other languages being subtitled in.

This leads me to one conclusion: Richard, MIB, Jacob are all from a contemporary time period and have flashed back into the past. What do you gusy think?

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